DearRockers Helps Ease Downloader’s Guilt

Vancouver techy Darren Barefoot has a new project in the works at From the website:

Many of us own music that we didn’t pay for. We don’t feel guilty about shafting the record company, but what about the musicans themselves?

Dear Rockers is host to the letters people write and send to the artists whose music has inspired, touched, supported, calmed, energized — all the things that music does for us. (more…)

My Cubicle

Did you get the memo? A parody of James Bunt’s “You’re beautiful” with lyrics by, performed by Jym Britton and footage from the Fox film “Office Space”.

Music from Pandora

Update: Opera 9 has a widget for Pandora. I’ve got it set to always on top and stuck it in the corner of my secondary monitor. I’ll keep it there for now while I’m refreshing my knowledge of artist names and song titles.

Jeff told Rob, and Rob told me to try out Pandora’s new music service. Based on an artist’s name or song title that you provide, Pandora searches the Music Genome Project to find other music you might like. (more…)