Getting Your Daughter or Son a Computer? Think about the Asus Eee

It looks like a Nintendo DS only slightly larger. In five fashion colours too:

white green pink blue black laptops

At yesterday I saw that the Asus Eee is priced at 365.99. My daughter’s starting to save for a laptop since she’ll be taking some computer science courses in high school next year and she finds the disparity between computers at home and at her dad’s frustrating. We’ve been talking about what she could get for cheap and this might be the one. I like that it runs Linux (which will save me from having to reinstall the OS and pay for a copy of Windows that nobody wants). The 3 usb ports should be sufficient for her needs which at the moment will likely be a mouse, her mp3 player, and a flash drive. There’s always the option of a hub if she needed more. Or the devices take turns. Should be manageable. I wonder how long 2G of hard drive space will last but since 4GB flash drives are easy to come by these days she should just concentrate on saving her work externally. I love that it’s only 2 pounds. She’s already hauling around so many books that I don’t want her adding much more to that. The 512MB of RAM doesn’t sound like much either. Can that be upgraded?

Her birthday’s coming up and she’s told grandparents that this is what she’s saving for. Fun for me was searching for all the photos people have uploaded of their Eees. photo by hsufehmi

Compiz on SuSE 10.3

I’ve had Compiz on my desktop for almost a week.

compiz cube

At first I found it a bit overwhelming, trying to keep up with all the different cool things I can do now, and then I found a couple of cheat sheets quick reference guides here and here. Looking through the photos on flickr I’m getting excited to play around with it this weekend.

I think it would have been less confusing if I’d realized sooner that the Compiz Fusion Icon needs to be running in order for some of the features to work. Not all, just some. For example, ctrl+alt+R or L arrow will rotate the desktop cube whether the icon is running or not but the mousewheel only works if it’s on. Wobbly windows also only works with it on.

photo credit: MicheleM on flickr.