Syncing Firefox with Google

Anyone tried this yet? Google’s come out with a sync for Firefox settings, including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords. It claims to slow the start time of Firefox – and of course Google gets to know more about me because you have to have a google account to play. (more…)

Calendar Apps

I’m looking for a nice, useful and usable web-based calendar-organizer application for organizing my ever increasing crazy life. I’m already a happy Mozilla user of Firefox and Thuderbird so checked to see what the Mozilla team had for me. It turns out, not much. Lightning and Sunbird, while they have nice names, are still too much in development for me to take my chances. I’m okay with bugs like “data loss” when I’m just playing around but when there are important meetings with important people to keep organized, I need something a little more reliable. (This as of June 2006). (more…)