Email from Google about New Terms for Adsense

A group of Adsense publishers received emails yesterday requiring that they log into the Adsense panel and accept the new terms and conditions (or else!). Turns out it wasn’t a phishing attack and there are no new terms. The message was sent by mistake to users that have already accepted. Google is sorry. The terms were last updated in February so if you accepted them then you’re a-okay to keep publishing.

This message was posted on the adsense help forums by AdsensePro Stephanie:

Hi again,
The latest update: We’ve found that a number of emails were sent incorrectly to publishers who had already accepted the updated Terms and Conditions in the past…To clarify, the most recent update to the Terms and Conditions occurred at the end of February, and there haven’t been any changes since. If you already accepted the Terms and Conditions after they were updated in February, you won’t need to re-accept them, and you won’t be prompted to do so when you log in. Our team will be following up in the next few days via email with those publishers who received a reminder in error. I apologize for the scare today — thanks for letting our team know about this issue.


Lightning (or lack of) on Suse 10.3

I spoke too soon in my last post. I installed the Lightning extension for Thunderbird and thought everything was good to go. At first glance everything in the calendar addon looked as it should. I should have configured it before posting though because it doesn’t work. It doesn’t respond when I try to add events or tasks, and the calendar view is mashed up in one corner.

For some reason the build that Rob had working on his suse 10.3 isn’t on the project page anymore and we won’t get into the details of why I can’t just get the xpi from him. I tried the nightly and every build in the project history but no luck. What a bummer since I was looking forward to the updates since the version I was running on Windows. Needless to say, neither of us is currently running Lightning. It’s beyond me to tell you what is causing the problem or what to do to repair it. I can however, point you towards other apps:

I went back to GoogleCalendar for a few days but missed the look and feel of Lightning. I’m also wary of creating a dependence on Google. And I hate that they know everything about me. Reading around for other Linux calendar options I decided to try out Korganizer — and I’m very pleased. I think even if Lightning were an option I might stick with Korganizer. The look and feel is very similar to Lightning, and I can have it open with or without running the mail client. Sometimes I work better if I shut down the email — but I still like being able to add to my task list so this is working out well so far.

There’s support for import and export of calendars using iCal so that will be the next step.

Intelligent Gmail

I’m blown away. Something that *should* be, actually *is*.

Say for instance you have a gmail address with a “.” (dot) in it, say for example If someone sends mail to that address — or the same address but does not include the dot the mail will find you at the right address. sends mail to my account at

I’ve tried this with several different address and it has worked every time. I can only log into the account that I created and if I try to create the other one I’m told it is unavailable.

This is how the Internet is supposed to be: it’s just supposed to work. It shouldn’t depend on people knowing what they’re doing, or doing everything exactly right — it should allow for a bit of understanding and empathy. :) The contact is trying to find you. There’s nothing wrong with a little help.

Another idea for dealing with .docx files

Another idea for dealing with the .docx files that Does Not Work!

It’s still bothering me that a user cannot simply and easily open these files and work with them. I had another idea: Gmail now includes the option to open some files as Google documents — would this work with the dread .docx?

I tested it out by ‘gmailing’ myself some attachments and here are the results. While I was at it I tested out a few other formats (more…)

Google Calendar: scheduling every other week

Google calendar has some handy features for scheduling repeat events. For classes this works fabulously because I can set “repeats Mon, Wed, Fri” or “repeats Tues, Thurs” or repeats weekly, monthly, daily, or yearly. Birthdays naturally go yearly, and aikido and gymnastics go weekly. I can set a stop date: “repeats weekly” and then use the date picker to browse through the calendar to summer vacation or whenever the event ends.

The thing I cannot set that is driving me buggy (more…)