Wii Wii Wii all the way home

Less than 56 hours until the E3 show floor opens its doors to the likes of me. One of the cool things to be checking out this year is Nintendo’s Wii (pronounced “we”), their next generation gaming console. There’s no big competition for them this year in terms of home consoles since Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dominated the floor last year and thus has had its turn (and has nothing grand to show off this year) and Sony’s Playstation 3 continues to drag its heels, postponing its release date again and again. Continue reading “Wii Wii Wii all the way home”

Tamogotchi Love


I met my first Tamagotchi last winter when my daughter received one as a gift. Days of feeding, playing, sleeping, and cleaning the poop of this the small, portable, electronic toy ensued. She takes care of all its needs by pushing the little buttons just below the screen. With good care it eventually it grows into an adult, meets the matchmaker, and has a baby. The new generation takes over and eventually it grows into an adult and so on and so on et cetera ad infinitum. Continue reading “Tamogotchi Love”