Sad times for WoW Enchanters

We’re getting ready for World Of Warcraft Expansion: Burning Crusade, due out at the beginning of 2007. Blizzard put out a patch yesterday and scrolling through the changes makes me sad for all the newbie and wannabe enchanters out there. Time was, a new enchanter could increase their skill level and fill their enchanting bags with supplies for the future by disenchanting cheap buys from the auction house (or unusable but bound loot) but alas, it won’t be so easy anymore. With the new patch applied, the items enchanters can disenchant will be restricted by their skill level.


Skill level 1 can disenchant items Level 1-20
Skill level 25 = Level 20-25
Skill level 50 = Level 25-30
Skill level 75 = Level 30-35
Skill level 100 = Level 35-40
Skill level 125 = Level 40-45
Skill level 150 = Level 45-50
Skill level 175 = Level 50-55
Skill level 200 = Level 55-60
Skill level 225 = Level 60-65

So now, low level enchanters are going to have more strange dust than ever.

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  1. Like enchanting wasn’t expensive enough already. This is going to make it nearly impossible for me to get up from 225 🙁

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