Google Calendar: scheduling every other week

Google calendar has some handy features for scheduling repeat events. For classes this works fabulously because I can set “repeats Mon, Wed, Fri” or “repeats Tues, Thurs” or repeats weekly, monthly, daily, or yearly. Birthdays naturally go yearly, and aikido and gymnastics go weekly. I can set a stop date: “repeats weekly” and then use the date picker to browse through the calendar to summer vacation or whenever the event ends.

The thing I cannot set that is driving me buggy is the every other weekend that I have my kids. Surely someone at Google is divorced? Surely someone working on this calendar has every other weekend with their kids?

One reply on “Google Calendar: scheduling every other week”

  1. I’m assuming you have already found this out, but when you schedule an event and select weekly, you can set it to schedule every 2 weeks for an every other week situation.

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