Syncing Firefox with Google

Anyone tried this yet? Google’s come out with a sync for Firefox settings, including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords. It claims to slow the start time of Firefox – and of course Google gets to know more about me because you have to have a google account to play. Everytime the user opens firefox it updates the settings you choose. What do you think?

I’m looking for a solution for accessing my bookmarks on my desktop, laptop and on the computers at school. I was thinking about becoming dependent on one of the web-based bookmark sites like delicious but I don’t feel like I should have to have an external account somewhere to keep track of my own data. I like delicious for the social bookmarking ability but for all of my bookmarks? Even if they were private? Seems…extreme. I’d like something I could save to my flash drive and carry with me that would have all my profile information, that I could pop in and then take home with me when I was done. It would save all my updates and put an end to the “which computer was I on when I was working on that?” hassle.

What do you use to make your bookmarks portable?

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  1. Delicious is cool. I was going to suggest unalog for private bookmarks, but it looks like they’re not allowing new public registrations.

    I don’t like one entity tracking too much info on me, but besides that it sounds like this google service is only really good for people who have control over the computers they’re using. Enough to install Firefox and an extension. That limits the audience and wouldn’t help someone at a public computer where Delicious or other social sites could.

    Oh, and I almost forgot about the Foxylicious extension. It didn’t work for me, but seems like it does for others. It syncs your delicious to your Firefox bookmarks.

  2. Hmm foxylicious? I think that may be the answer for me.

    What’s really strange is that today when I turned on my laptop to check all the bookmarks I’d saved to show at today’s meeting they were gone from my profile. My other bits are there but no bookmarks. I found the bookmarks.html file so I’ll be able to restore them but it seems odd that the day that I’m writing about bookmarks mine go missing. Weirdd.

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