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marshallkirkpatrick’s blog post on NetSquared yesterday is a perfect find for those hunting for a bookmarks manager: “Tips on choosing a social bookmarking tool” starts with (owned by Yahoo now – did you know?), and includes Furl, Ma.gnolia and MarkaBoo.

I started with yesterday, imported my bookmarks from Firefox, took one look at the mess it made and spent an hour trying to delete and reorganize. I ended up deleting the account and starting over – this time importing no bookmarks.

marshallkirkpatrick speaks highly of the brand new MarkaBoo in his post and has become a new user so I’m thinking I’ll give that a try next. (though the site is not responding – looks like everyone else has the same idea). I like that it’s open source and licensed under Creative Commons. At least for awhile there will be interest in keeping it current. He’s also right about Magnolia – it’s beautiful.

For now I just need something for my own purposes but I can see a need to share research bookmarks in the near future.

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  1. No problem. Funny thing is that I found your post via a link to NetSquared on Alexandra Samuel’s blog doing actual ‘academic’ research for school. When I saw the incredible relevance to what I was going through yesterday I had to post.

    I’ve tried Magnolia (bea-u-tiful indeed) and finally managed to create an account on MarkaBoo. I haven’t had much chance to play in either one yet but the MarkaBoo interface struck me as rather tedious [edit: Just found the bookmarklets – my apologies!]. And of course the struggle to make a connection was troublesome. I’ll give it a try though – it has great potential.

    I checked out your personal blog and will defintely be going back there and to NetSquared for sure.

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