Hunters Have Fun Until Burning Crusade!

All you hunters better get your game on now. Burning Crusade sounds like the big nerf. Check out the changes Blizzard’s announced for your class. “Hunters now get 1 AP per Agility rather than 2.” Ouch. So everyone (including me) who’s been speccing the highest +agi gear they can find is in for a big letdown. They say they’re going to offset it with increases to damage for ranged weapons, but the fact that they have to make so many other changes to offset this loss lets you know it’s a big one. What am I going to do? Get while the getting’s good. I’m racing full out to level as fast as my rest +XP will pace me.

My biggest problem playing a hunter up to now is what to do with all those bodies. Now I’ll have to spend my time digging for gear to get my attack power back. Since they’ll be adding new effects to agility like more chance of a critical hit per point of agility and more chance of dodge per point of agility, it’s going to become more of a balancing game. Up until here the only potion and only enchants I wanted were +agi ones. Now I have to look at other ways to boost my ranged attack power.

In exchange for the loss of attack power, hunters will get more damage from Arcane Shot, a new spell called Steady Shot with a 1.5 second cast. We’ll also be able to use traps in combat on a 30 second cooldown without FD first.

Why couldn’t they have left hunters alone and just gave us the one thing we really need: pets that can do the looting too!