Having fun with Retrievr

Some call it a time-waster. I think it’s fun.

Retrievr made Slashdot today. With retrievr you can search the collection of images in flickr by drawing with your mouse in a little sketch pad, similar to MSpaint. Submit your drawing to the Retrivr search bunnies and you will receive a screen full of flickr photos that match your drawing. From the searches I ran it looks like colour matches take priority over anything else. 4116

The drawings I made – squiggles and basic shapes – really took shape once I saw the images that returned. It never occured to me that the purple semi-circle and a red dot was someone’s hair and mouth. or a bowl of flowers. or a flock of birds.

Text-based queries are so passé, if you’ve got Flash installed you’ve got to try this out (once the traffic from Slashdot lets up).

Features I would like to see added:

  • allow users to fine tune the search by adding some text based tags as delimiters.
  • a finer brush option definitely
  • a way to refine the results

The site is officially slashdotted as of 11:11AM Eastern – give it awhile but definitely play!