Sad times for WoW Enchanters

We’re getting ready for World Of Warcraft Expansion: Burning Crusade, due out at the beginning of 2007. Blizzard put out a patch yesterday and scrolling through the changes makes me sad for all the newbie and wannabe enchanters out there. Time was, a new enchanter could increase their skill level and fill their enchanting bags with supplies for the future by disenchanting cheap buys from the auction house (or unusable but bound loot) but alas, it won’t be so easy anymore. (more…)

PS3 European imports blocked

Apparently there’s some danger with Sony’s new PS3, set for release in November 2006 in North America but not until 2007 for Europe. (more…)

Hunters Have Fun Until Burning Crusade!

All you hunters better get your game on now. Burning Crusade sounds like the big nerf. Check out the changes Blizzard’s announced for your class. “Hunters now get 1 AP per Agility rather than 2.” Ouch. So everyone (including me) who’s been speccing the highest +agi gear they can find is in for a big letdown. They say they’re going to offset it with increases to damage for ranged weapons, but the fact that they have to make so many other changes to offset this loss lets you know it’s a big one. What am I going to do? Get while the getting’s good. I’m racing full out to level as fast as my rest +XP will pace me. (more…)

WoW quests: low level druid in need of Cenarion Moondust

Round about level 10 my druid got the first quest in the series that ends with learning bear form. I went through the different stages of the quest pretty quickly – learned a teleport, got a few levels, but then it got complicated when I received Cenarian Moondust from the dude (Mathrengyl Bearwalker) at the top of the druid tower in Darnassus. I headed out to talk to the Moonkin spirit Lunaclaw and found the cave in Auberdine directly east. When the quest says “directly east” it usually means “really close”. I met up with another druid doing the same quest so we grouped and had no problem getting into the cave. I had my Moondust sitting in my action bar so I could apply it to the rock with ease. Applying it to the rock made the spirit appear, we both interacted with him (so I thought) and then the other druid departed to return the quest and I hung around to finish another quest in the same area. (more…)

Test Drive Unlimited – missed the ultimate challenge

This is indeed a cool game where you get to drive around the island of Hawaii (mapped accurately), online with other drivers. Racing on bikes or in cars, building garages and funkying up your avatar are all parts of the game. (more…)