Restoring Feeds in Opera

I like Opera. I really do. I haven’t found anything better for reading feeds which means it’s open on my desktop almost all the time. Or at least it was until I switched from Windows XP to Suse 10.2. Because I’ve been busy with school and life it’s taken me awhile to copy over my bookmarks and other profile settings, including my feed subscriptions. Since I backed them up before leaving Windows I knew eventually I’d get around to it, but it’s been long enough now and I feel totally out of the loop with the blogs I used to read regularly. It’s also the end of the semester crunch and there’s nothing better to support procrastinating than reading blogs. Naturally this morning I’ve decided to finally set up my feeds.

It wasn’t that hard really:

By opening Opera > Help > About I found the directory Continue reading “Restoring Feeds in Opera”

Another idea for dealing with .docx files

Another idea for dealing with the .docx files that Does Not Work!

It’s still bothering me that a user cannot simply and easily open these files and work with them. I had another idea: Gmail now includes the option to open some files as Google documents — would this work with the dread .docx?

I tested it out by ‘gmailing’ myself some attachments and here are the results. While I was at it I tested out a few other formats Continue reading “Another idea for dealing with .docx files”

Viewing .docx in Suse 10.2

Jeff wouldn’t give up so I guess I couldn’t either. He saw my last post and has had suggested several solutions for opening a .docx but without Word 2007 it’s a major challenge for now. If I had Word 2003 there’s an update but I’m an OpenOffice user on both my Linux and Windows machines so for now I’m stuck — or so I thought. Eventually OpenOffice will have a translator but for now I’ve found this workaround. Continue reading “Viewing .docx in Suse 10.2”